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West Olalla Creek

Riparian Aquatic Data

Toledo High School
May 12, 2016, 8:45 a.m.

Survey Area

Length of Stream (ft) : 51

Number of Riffles : 1

Number of Pools: 0


Silt : Very Little

Sand : Some

Gravel : A lot

Cobble : Very Little

Boulders : Very Little

Bedrock : Very Little

Instream Woody Debris

Small Debris : Some

Medium Debris : Very Little

Large Debris : Very Little

Commments : One large trunk, few small branches down in creek.

Vegetation Type

Coniferous Trees : Very Little

Deciduous Trees : A Lot

Shrubs : Very Little

Small Plants: A Lot

Ferns : Some

Grasses: A Lot

Plants Identified

Significance to Riparian Area
Douglas Fir
Bank stabilization, riparian shade
Himalayan blackberry
Bank stabilization, some shading
Sword ferns
Bank stabilization, some shading
Western anemone
Bank stabilization, shading
Skunk cabbage

Wildlife and Birds Identified

Type, Species, or Track/Sign
# or Comments
American Robin