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Riparian Transect data: 03-07-2018

School: Health and Science School

Date and Time: March 7, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

Weather: Cloudy, cold

Slope of Stream Bank:

Field Notes Firstly, most of this stuff never came up. We didn't run into any trees except for one practically completely rotten tree. And the sheet we had counted invasive species versus native species over 50 ft, not the types of trees over 100 ft, or is this by inches? I have no clue.

Zone Conifers Hardwoods Shrubs Comments
(0 to 20 ft)
0 0 0 Only Grass, mostly dead grass.
(20 to 40 ft)
1 0 0 A rotted tree was there, don't know what it was...
(40 to 60 ft)
0 0 0 The tape didn't even go this far.
(60 to 80 ft)
0 0 0 The tape still didn't go this far.
(80 to 100 ft)
0 0 0 The tape still didn't go this far. And we don't know what the stream slope was... that was never brought up.