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Riparian Aquatic Data

Black Butte Elementary School
Sept. 15, 2010, 11:33 a.m.

Survey Area

Length of Stream (ft) : 111

Number of Riffles : 3

Number of Pools: 7


Silt :

Sand : Some

Gravel :

Cobble : Some

Boulders : Some

Bedrock : Some

Instream Woody Debris

Small Debris : Some

Medium Debris : Some

Large Debris : Some

Commments :

Vegetation Type

Coniferous Trees : Very Little

Deciduous Trees : Very Little

Shrubs : Very Little

Small Plants: Very Little

Ferns : Very Little

Grasses: Very Little

Plants Identified

Significance to Riparian Area

Wildlife and Birds Identified

Type, Species, or Track/Sign
# or Comments

Field notes

these are some field notes