SE Belmont

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Latitude: -122.59232, Longitude: 45.518168

This is a StreamWebs demonstration site. It is used for testing etc. Site is at Mt. Tabor park. We are using areas of Himalyan Black Berry, English Ivy and Scotch Broom as test invasive species area. There are unknown streams full of macroinvertbrates in there in the park. We are keeping these area's exact location a secret to protect the identities of the most sensitive species. The park has good Douglas Fir canopy cover in parts. This is great for canopy cover testing. The secret streams do not have much flow so we made up those data sheets. The water quality data for the Mt. Tabor site is a bit of a stretch as well. I am hoping that this description is now long enough to test the new display. This will be using the same basic setup as the user profile bio display where it shows you the first 400 characters with a "more" link that can be used to display the full description of the project site.