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Riparian Aquatic Data

Madison High School
Oct. 10, 2013, 12:30 p.m.

Survey Area

Length of Stream (ft) : 0

Number of Riffles : 0

Number of Pools: 0


Silt : Very Little

Sand : A lot

Gravel : Some

Cobble : A lot

Boulders : Very Little

Bedrock : Very Little

Instream Woody Debris

Small Debris : A lot

Medium Debris : Some

Large Debris : Very Little

Commments : No water flow, lots of dead blackberry debris, soil, and cobble stone, all is healthily moist.

Vegetation Type

Coniferous Trees : Very Little

Deciduous Trees : A Lot

Shrubs : Very Little

Small Plants: A Lot

Ferns : Some

Grasses: Some

Plants Identified

Significance to Riparian Area
Sword Fern
holds soil and collects moisture
holds soil in place as a ground cover
English Ivy
invasive, has taken over land and some trees.
produces avian homes, holds soil/rocks
Nonnative Plum
fallen trees provide toil soil
breaks down surfaces, creates diversity of lichen

Wildlife and Birds Identified

Type, Species, or Track/Sign
# or Comments
1, may have home on property
very many
2 sighted

Field notes

Ferns primarily on east slope. Many more maples than other species of trees. A few shrubs yet to be identified on west and east slope. (samples collected, to be identified) No bird species yet specifically identified.