Dharma Rain Zen Center Brownfield Restoration

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Latitude: -122.575879, Longitude: 45.54381

AP Environmental Science students from Madison High School will collect data on the Siskiyou Square property being restored by the Dharma Rain Zen Center.  This is a former rock quarry and landfill that has been approved for above-ground building.  Dharma Rain's plans include a temple, co-housing unit, community garden, and oak savannah wooded area.  Their goals include using native plants to increase wildlife habitat, enhancing the value of the property as a wildlife corridor.  The property includes a ravine that empties into Russell Pond where students will monitor water quality.  The riparian zone includes multiple invasive species, which are being currently being removed during work parties held by Dharma Rain.  A few mycorrhizae bags have been placed upslope from the stream as bioremediation.