Pom pom weed (Campuloclinium macrocephalum)

Pom pom weed (Campuloclinium macrocephalum)
Image courtesy Randpark Ridge Village Association
EDRR Species?: 

Erect perennial herb with fluffy pink flowerheads. Stems are green to purplish, up to 1.3 meters high, dying back annually to a root crown. Leaves are light-green and scattered along the length of the stem, but clustered at the base to form a rosette up to 80 millimeters long and 20 millimeters wide, with serrated margins. Light purple to pink compact flower heads that are situated terminally, blooming December to March. Produces fluffy seeds that are wind-dispersed. People contribute to spreading the seeds through carrying them in the mud on their vehicle's wheels or by picking and discarding the mature flowerheads, thereby spreading the seeds. It can also regenerate from underground rhizomes.

Threatens the survival of grasslands and wetlands, as it can tolerate a wide range of habitats.