Dense-flowered cordgrass (Spartina densiflora)

Dense-flowered cordgrass (Spartina densiflora)
Images courtesy Mary Pfauth
Dense-flowered cordgrass (Spartina densiflora)
EDRR Species?: 

Perennial aquatic grass. Grows 1 to 5 feet tall. Leaf (blade) margins are in-rolled, 1/8 to 1/3 inches wide at the base. Blade at a 15- to 35-degree angle to the stem. Internodes firm. The inflorescence is narrow, dense and cylindrical, with branches erect and overlapping. Rhizome is usually lacking or short and thick. Dense-flowered cordgrass is similar to Common cordgrass, Salt-meadow cordgrass and Smooth cordgrass. A detailed key is recommended for positive identification.

This plant is a non-native grass species that invades the middle tidal zones in estuaries. It is not the primary invader of mudflats. Instead, it adapts to the lower to middle salt marsh areas where it aggressively outcompetes native grasses, sedges and salicornia stands.